More Precise Definitions

This study began with the narration of time as is found in Church hymns, and it then turned to the clarification of concepts of time in theology and the natural sciences. Even if the narration generally precedes the explanation, both are very closely related,1 since both articulate and reflect experience. This final chapter aims to reexamine the summary of insights gained from our narration and explanation and to further develop some of these aspects. In this process, our reflections will concentrate on the doctrine of the Trinity and on eschatology. The motive for this selection is my recognition that the concepts that emerged as the central concepts for a theology of time are best expressed within these two areas of theology.

In order to preserve the greatest possible openness, until now I have made only minimal use of definitions. Now, however, because we are dealing with the content of theological symbol systems, more precise definitions are needed. First, I wish to reexamine the concepts of statics, dynamics, and relation, which are so important for this study.

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