The Question of Time in Church, Science, and Theology

Antje Jackelen

Time & Eternity

Antje Jackelen

Time & Eternity

The Question of Time in Church,

Science, and Theology {

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English translation © 2005 by Templeton Foundation Press Original German edition © 2002 Neukirchen-Vluyn

Translation by Barbara Harshaw

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Jackelen, Antje. [Zeit und Ewigkeit. English] Time and eternity : the question of time in church, science, and theology / Antje Jackelen. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index. ISBN 1-59947-075 -6 1. Time—Religious aspects—Christianity. 2. Religion and science. I. Title. BT78.J3313 2005 236—dc22

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