Comparison of Frequencies

I analyzed 3,682 passages containing indications of time in a total of 3,146 hymns. The EG contains 677 hymns.29 In the texts of these hymns, there are about 885 passages containing indications of time, that is, there are approximately 1.3 indications of time per hymn. A portion of the hymn material is ecumenical and is also found in Gotteslob. In GL, 579 passages referring to time occurred in 917 hymns, songs, texts, and prayers. The numerical ratio shows a significantly higher occurrence of time indications in the EG. The two books are not entirely comparable in this respect, however, because in GL, diverse types of prayers and texts are integrated into the hymn portion, whereas the EG has a separate text and prayer portion that will not be discussed here. Also in the Catholic portion of the AHB, time indications certainly occur much less frequently than in the main portion. These two facts could show that references to time play a lesser role in traditional Catholic hymn material.

In the 700 hymns of Sv ps, I found 1,128 passages mentioning time, which I subsequently examined. This means approximately 1.6 indications of time per hymn, which represents a higher frequency than in the two German books. In Pspo, 166 passages containing indications of time occur in 123 hymns, i.e., 1.3 indications per hymn. This frequency corresponds pre cisely to that of the SA, in which 142 passages referring to time occur in 105 hymns. Indications of time appear somewhat less frequently in the AHB. Here, in 624 hymns, one finds 782 such passages, which is quite similar to the ratio in the EG.30

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