This work, which has been out of print for some years, was originally published under the title, "Jacob Boehme" The present title has been seleottJ as conveying a clearer mtaninz o!

the message the book contains.

In the preface of the earlier edition Pr Franz Ilartmanr, writes: "The following1 is an attempt to present an .pitome of the principal doctrines of Jacob Boehme in a certain systematic order, so as to afford a general view of then, and to serve as an introduction to the studv of Boehme's works."

"The greatest obstacle to the understanding of the mysteries of the religion of the living Christ, is the very narrow view which we have become accustomed to take of them, according to the merely external and superficial interpretation of the Old and New Testaments. A study of Boehme's writings, by means of entering into the spirit in which they were written, is sure to expand the mind and to elevate the heart of the reader, giving him a greater and more sublime conception of God, Nature, and Man, than any other book of which I know."

As a result of the greatest war in history, a spiritual awaken ing has taken place throughout the world. Proximity of death in battle and its reflection of anxious waiting- in thi home, have forced a conviction that God is a -eality. In these pages will be found a basis for religion which should appeal to thoughtful ana earnest readers. By continued study, new thoughts will he uncovered. ai the spiritual insight is opened to their discovery

Jacob Boehme wrote of his works as follows:

That' whick 3 (now -gn ^ran'ly 1 rejected by ly f»th U-i cl w_i! (K rature days) ioyiuily bt tunen by foreign -^tlons. ' (Letters _I_r :h loth 1624

Dr. Hartmann's work is republished in the hope that many may lind profit, in its study

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