Chapter X

the christ.

Necessity of divine aid—Mercy--The entering of the spiritual light into the body of humanity—Preparation for redemption was made before the world was created—The Reaeemer in viae not perceptible until after the fall—Thi power of the Redeemer pre-eminently manifested in womanhood—The celestial virgin—Her influence over humanity—When redemption became possible—Cain and Abel—Genesis—The descendants of Abraham has no terrestrial mtaning— It is the antitype of Christ—The sons of Isaac representing the first u*d tne Auam and the conquest cf the first by the second—The false gods of the sons of Japhet—Their oracles, symbol» of celestial things—The power of the Re deemer present in all mankind—Sacrifices—External ceremonies and internal faith—The sa-rificial fire not of a terrestrial but of a celestial wood—The light of the Christ represented witnin the fire—The children of light receiving the substance of Christ 204

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