Chapter Ix


The Logos—The soul in the light of God—Self-will destructive to the perception of the divine idea—The growth of the manifestation of the evil principle—Man creates his own hell—His natuial protection by means of external life—The rise of his natural qualities—frimordfal man—IIow he became dense and material- Death—Man's arimal nature—His senses— Will and mind-—Tempeiaments—Origin of his terrestrial dp-sires—Present method of reproduction caused by man's degradation—The malt and the female in one individuality-Prim'tive generation—Division of sex—Srxual attraction— Its necessity—Generation of soul—Sexual tnfrcourse and its delight-—Interaction of divine elements during the same— The nat'ire of the child dependent on the qualities of the parents—Each soul an individual being iHâ

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