STUDY 3 Questions

1. Which of God's promises predicts a constant struggle between sin and the righteous?

a) The promise to Noah b) The promise in Eden c) The promise to David d) The promise to Abraham

2. Which of the following statements are true concerning the promise in Eden?

a) The seed of the serpent is Lucifer b) Christ and the righteous are the woman's seed c) The seed of the serpent was temporarily wounded by Christ d) The seed of the woman was bruised by Christ's death.

3. Where would Abraham's seed live for ever?

a) In Heaven b) In the city of Jerusalem c) On the earth d) Some in Heaven and some on earth.

4. Which of the following were promised to David?

a) That his great descendant would reign for ever b) That his 'seed' would have a Kingdom in Heaven c) That the seed would be God's son d) That his seed, Jesus, would live in Heaven before birth on earth.

5. How can we become the seed of Abraham?

6. Will the earth ever be destroyed?

7. How do God's promises prove your answer to question 6?

8. Explain the promise in Eden in Genesis 3:15.

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