STUDY 10 Questions

1. Can we be saved without baptism?

2. What does the word 'baptism' mean?

a) Commitment b) Sprinkling c) Belief d) Dipping/immersion

3. What is the meaning of baptism as explained in Rom.6:3-5?

4. When should we be baptized?

a) After learning the true Gospel and repenting b) As a small baby c) After getting interested in the Bible d) When we want to join a church.

5. What are we baptized into?

a) The church who baptizes us b) The word of God c) Christ d) The Holy Spirit

6. Which of the following happens after baptism?

a) We are part of Abraham's seed b) We will never sin again c) We are definitely saved for all time d) Our sins are forgiven.

7. Will baptism alone save us?

8. Will we receive the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit after baptism?

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