All human beings who have accepted that there is a God, and that the Bible is His revelation to man, need to seriously apply themselves to finding out its basic message. Many of those calling themselves 'Christians' seem to make a poor job of this - a few verses from the New Testament on Sundays, a Bible somewhere in the home that is never opened, dimly remembering a handful of Bible stories. Little wonder that with such a laid- back attitude to God's mighty Word of truth, there is so much confusion and uncertainty in the lives and minds of so many.

On the other hand, there are those with little Christian background who decide to try to figure out the Bible's message, but find that everyone they approach tries to offer them a package deal of doctrines and human philosophies which do not fundamentally reflect the words of the Bible.

It is the purpose of 'Bible Basics' to analyze the Bible's message in a business-like, systematic way. It is designed to be read straight through as a book, or alternatively to be used as a correspondence course. Answers to the questions at the end of each study can be sent to the address below; your answers will then be passed to a personal tutor who can then correspond with you as you progress further through the Studies. It is appreciated that some readers will shy away from the idea of answering questions, but would rather ask questions concerning areas which they are unclear about, or disagree with the interpretation presented here. Again, if such correspondence is directed to the address below, personal answers can be given.

It is the author's conviction that the basic message of the Bible is crystal clear. However, there will always be some passages and topics which may appear superficially to be at variance with the general theme of Scripture. Some of these, along with other aspects of the Gospel which may only interest some readers, are discussed in the Digressions. It should be possible to understand the Bible's basic message without reading the Digressions, but it is anticipated that many students will read through most

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