Witchita Kansas August 1991

The summer of 91 marked another turning point in our restoration as a Godly covenant nation.

In the summer of 1991, I participated in the Operation Rescue's Summer of Mercy in Witchita Kansas. I was privileged to accompany my pastor, Rod Aguillard and a group of other pastors and lay ministers. This was the third time our local church had sent a party to participate in the rescues taking place there.

During the time prior to the trip, I was deeply impressed in my spirit that this was going to be a critical time. A critical moment for America and that our obedience was critical to God's purposes.

We were given a prophecy the day we left that we were going into an intense spiritual battle. To pray and war. And that "the Enemy was about to overstep his limits!"

To make a long story short, we (radical fence jumpers) spent 3 days in jail. We were facing serious Federal charges and a severely high bail bond requirement.

But we saw God move mightily. I witnessed an awesome move of the Spirit in the cell block on the second night. The lord spoke through one of the men there. "I am beginning to turn this thing around. I am raising up a Joshua people, a people who will take a stand for me." The very next day, legal barriers fell one after another, securing the release of all those in our party, in an astonishing way. Everyone got back home before the weekend was out. (Including Gorbachov, for that was the week of the failed Soviet coup. It proved to be a critical time for the whole world.)

My understanding of the Word given in the jail cell was two fold. Not only did God "turn this thing around" and get us out of jail quickly. God was turning around the abortion situation. Shortly thereafter Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court. And He was turning around the Church and beginning to give Revival.

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