Why must these powers of heaven be removed And what does this result in

Because these powers make up the veil of spiritual blindness, and removing them removes the veil. Once this phase of the judgment is complete, the veil will be gone from over the nation of Israel. She will still be facing all her enemies coming to the battle of Armageddon. But then she will see clearly her need for Jeshua her Messiah and call upon him for deliverance in the day of trouble. Jesus will already be on the way, having heard the prayer before it was made.

A third condition for Jesus return is the gospel must be preached to all the world. This is the church completing the great commission and bringing in the harvest. After this the beast is given power to make war and overcome the saints.

We know that when the fullness of the gentiles comes in the veil will be removed. And we see that removing the veil means judging the powers of heaven. And this is because they are the ones who enforce spiritual blindness on Israel. They are the veil over their [Israel's] minds that must be taken away. What causes the powers of heaven to be judged, and why at this time?

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