What is it going to take for the Gospel to be preached to all the world

It's going to take a people who are dead to self and willing to make whatever sacrifices it takes to win the lost. This means that the church of today must be purged, purified and empowered. We are told that judgment must begin at the house of God. We need to understand why this is so and what the result will be.

We also need to realize that this judgment is what it will take for God to accomplish his task and allow him to come again in clouds of glory.

And further we need to see that this act of judgment actually is God setting up his kingdom here on earth. That is why we said earlier that God is not coming back so he can set up his Kingdom here on earth, he is setting up his Kingdom here on earth so he can come back. So we want to show that Harvest follows Judgment and that this Judgment consists in God setting up his Kingdom here on earth.

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