What I have been guilty of is warning others of Gods impending judgments and then leaving the intercession to them instead of doing my own praying

Sept. 20, 1998

Last week we wrote and published an Article titled Alas Poor Ahab! As I was writing it I had the sense that it needed something more tacked on to the end. Yet in busyness with other matters, I let the article go as it was.

It brought in an interesting response from Richard Breazeale. He sent me a note with the Subject line of "Who Are We?" His first line reads: " This is a true word, yet not complete."

Then he goes into a discussion of judgment and of the need to pray. I soon saw that what the Ahab article is missing is the call to prayer as a response to the word of judgment.

Also this week I came across an article by Bill Burns called "Will the Real Elijah's Please Stand Up?" When I read this I knew I had been missing it. Let me quote from it.

"The Father will not allow His prophets to prophesy judgment upon His own people without first being willing to intercede for the people and also bear the reproach of the iniquity of the people. This is the Biblical standard set forth in the Holy Scriptures, and this is how you will know the true prophets from the false:"

What I have been guilty of is warning others of God's impending judgments and then leaving the intercession to them instead of doing my own praying. A false prophet. Not in what I said, but in what I neglected to say.

After this one two punch I realized the need to get my prayer life in better order and my Writing in better balance.

Interestingly enough there came an opportunity to addend a men's intercessory 'boot camp' put on by Bro. Dick Simmons of Men for Nations. This was exactly what I needed and came in with perfect timing. I came away from the meeting with a renewed desire to pray, and a great refreshing in the Lord's purposes. So now I find myself rejoicing in the Lord's correction and ready to face new challenges. Hallelujah!

On this same topic, let me suggets you look at a short letter from Tom Heward that came in this week. You will notice the heart of a weeping prophet in what he has to say.


Alas Poor Ahab by Bill Somers

Will The Real Elijah's Please Stand Up by Bill Burns

Who Are We by Richard Breazeale

Judgment USA by Tom Heward

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