Weeping For America

I have also had the same burden to weep for America. There have been many prophecies about the USA being defeated in war and invaded by foreign troops. I had been thinking about how this would be a new situation for the US as she has enjoyed God's protection from such invasions all through her history. Then the Lord reminded me that we have in fact had enemy troops on our soil. This was twice in our history, in 1812 and during our revolutionary war, 1775-1783.

Realizing this, I then had a great desire to study the History of the American Revolution, seeing that the situation would be similar. In 2000, a movie called The Patriot was released. When I viewed it at our local movie house, I made sure to take a good handful of tissues with me, as I knew I would be crying at some point during the film. What I found interesting was the parts that moved me to tears. It was not when the enemy committed atrocities against the civilian population, nor when they murdered prisoners of war, nor when major characters in the story were killed. What made me weep was when the Americans were urged or expressed a desire to stand up for what they believed in, and resist the enemy. One character, a pastor of a church, said God had called him to shepherd the flock and that sometimes that meant you had to drive off the wolves! It was sentiments like that which had me breaking out in tears.

More recently, I find my self weeping when I hear American patriotic music. This was especially strong when I heard a barbershop quartet do a rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever. This is a famous march by John Philip Sousa. [I never knew there were lyrics to it!]

Another song that brings on the tears is Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA. One of the lines goes:

Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away. When I hear this line, I find my self saying, Oh Yes they can! If these prophecies come to pass, they will take away our freedom and the Stars and Stripes won't be here forever.

All this shows me, if nothing else would, the seriousness of the hour for Israel, The Church, and the USA. I have long realized that Israel is a type of the Church and also of The USA. This means that certain events in one will have a parallel in the others. As we know that Judgment needs to begin at the House of God, it may well begin in all three of these at once. But if the Stars and Stripes won't be here forever, we know that the Kingdom of God will.

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