Transition to a Bigger Picture

by Bill Somers

At the recent Missions Conference held at our local Church, I was allowed to make a presentation to the Missions Director; and to speak a word of prophecy to go with it.

What I presented was a large print of the painting "Threshing Wheat" by Thomas Hart Benton. Up to that point the missions office had only one harvest painting on their wall. The picture I was giving them would be the second. As I presented them with this print I had the missions pastor hold up the new picture and his wife hold up the old one, side by side for comparison.

I had written out some of this prophecy but when the time came to give it, the Lord had given me something else. The written version presented here is a combination of both.

A prophetic comparison of the harvesting paintings.

The first painting shows three people bending down and picking up stalks of wheat off the ground. The area they work in is relatively small. They can only gather as much as they themselves can carry.

The second painting shows teams of men with wagons, trucks and machinery working in vast open fields. They are harvesting and processing great wagon loads of wheat. The second picture also is a good deal larger than the first.

The prophetic element is the comparison of the two paintings. They are the before and the after.

For the Lord would say to his pastors and missionaries; to the local and the world wide ministries: You are now called to a bigger picture! Behold you are called to have a greater vision, you are called to greater fields, you are called to greater mobilization, you are called to greater authority, you are called to greater activity, you are called to a GREATER HARVEST.. You are called into my end time harvest.

This is not just a little bit bigger; this is not just bumping it up 5 or 10 percent, this is not just a doubling or even a tripling. This is WAY GREATER! This is way greater than you can even figure.

For there is a transition coming upon my Church, and it is already begun. Some are calling it a reformation, some speak of repentance, some call it revival, I call it a Redemption. Some will see it as a collapse, a calamity or a civil war. Some will see it as a scourging and a shaking. It is Judgment beginning at the House of God. Yet my judgments are redemptive, remember that the Seat of Judgment is also the Throne of Grace. As my word says Zion shall be redeemed with Judgment and her converts with Righteousness. The Lord of the Harvest must first be Lord of the laborers. When Joel's army is finished, Gideon's army will march.

So this transition will redeem my Church and enable her to bring in my harvest of converts. The difference will be like night and day, it will be like death and life, it will be like these two pictures.

These pictures are the before and after. The key difference is that the people in the second picture are using power. There is a large plume of black smoke coming from the threshing machine. Where there is smoke, there if FIRE, And where there is FIRE there is POWER!

For I am sending down the FIRE and You shall have my POWER!

Before you were like a car stuck in first gear

After you will pull out on the open road and put the hammer down.

Before you were just getting off the runway,

After you will pull back on the stick and light off the after burner like a Navy Blue Angel on takeoff.

Before you were like a Star Trek ship putzing along on impulse power, After you will take it up to Warp 10!

Before you gleaned handfuls, After you will harvest wagon loads.

Before you sent out a few workers, like scouts or skirmishers, After you will mobilize entire divisions.

Before your people did pretty much the same identical tasks,

After they will operate in the unique ministries and roles I have created them for.

Before you operated in natural strength like the people in the first picture can only gather what they can carry themselves,

After you will be born of the spirit, move in supernatural power Like the people in the second picture have trucks, wagons and machines to allow them to do more than their own human strength would allow, so you will operate in supernatural grace and strength. You will move in my Power!

Before you had short visits, and blessings and moves of my spirit,

After I will pour out my spirit without measure. I will dwell among you on an ongoing basis. And you shall see the whole earth filled with my glory.

Up to now, I have called you to fields that were open; to places where people were hungry for the gospel. Now I am calling you to places that are not open; where there is no hunger for the gospel; where they are even taught to reject the name of Jesus from childhood. To bring in my harvest from these fields will take my Power. The Power that I am about to give to my Church.

All through history, the adversary has erected walls. Walls intended to keep my people out and my spirit from moving. But I say unto you. That they are only walls. They will fall in due time. The walls of Jericho were only walls, when the time came they fell. The Berlin wall was just a wall, it fell. The wall of China is falling even now. The walls of Mecca will fall shortly. The walls of the strongholds of Buddha, Krishna and Allah that keep the gospel from penetrating the 10-40 window will fall soon. But first the walls that separate my people one from another will fall. Then you will see the fire and walk in my Power


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