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Now what is this allegory saying? Firstly, a bride, highly prized and chosen by the father is promised to who ever accomplishes a great feat; capturing a town. This speaks of Jesus who wins his bride by his victory at the cross, a great feat that earns him ownership of the entire world.

Achsah comes to Othniel and moves him to ask her father for a field. This speaks of Jesus asking his Father for the world and the nations that inhabit it. But notice that Caleb then asks Achsah what she wants. This speaks of the fact that Jesus, having won the world, immediately turns it over to the church. Achsah then intercedes before her father and asks for springs of water to go with the land. This shows that the church must intercede and wait for the former and latter rain before she can take and use that land promised to her. Or before the church can bring in the harvest of souls to be saved in the end of days.

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