The Soviets

Other articles went into Russian experience in WWII. Theories of Civil Defense and Strategic Bombing. A comparison of Soviet and US Civil Defense Programs. An evaluation of the nuclear strategy of each country, an excellent strategic survey of the history and development of Soviet nuclear strategy since WWII. Its title was 'Why the Soviet Union thinks it could fight and win a nuclear war' by Richard Pipes of Harvard University. (See Appendix)

I could easily see several conclusions from this material. (Some of which I was allowed to take copies of.)

1. Practically speaking we have no civil defense program.

2. Soviet nuclear strategy is militarily practical and realistic. It's called counter-force strategy; and its based upon destroying your enemy's ability to fight or to strike back.

3. American nuclear Strategy ( mutual deterrence) is based on wishful thinking, and political expediency. A fantasy that Russia would never attack.

4. If we were to be attacked, while weak and unprepared, the results would be exactly as predicted in the prophecies. HORSE AND BUGGY

I have no doubt the Lord led me to find this information for the exact purpose of confirming the prophecies. Especially after what I happened to see the very next day!

Now I had been especially struck with the significance of one detail of Brother Anonymous's prophecy - the strangely built wagons. That following day I got a chance to see one!

On the way to another job, on a sunny Friday afternoon, I saw a horse drawn wagon. It was sitting atop the Mississippi River levee in Destrehan Louisiana, near the Hale Boggs bridge. It was also sitting on four automobile tires, instead of wagon wheels! What could be more obvious! If you had to build a horse drawn wagon, make the body of wood. It's light. But don't make wooden wheels when car wheels are abundant! I was so excited by the discovery and amused by the way it was built that I radioed my office to report the presence of this great curiosity. (I never saw it again, nor discovered anything more about it.)

The combination of these three experiences, all one after another, impressed me tremendously. It was another way the Lord had of giving confirmation.

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