The Passover Pattern

Here is our comparison of three Passovers. A. Passover of Exodus

I. Before the plagues of Egypt, Israel comes under Moses' leadership;

a. The two prophets are Moses and Aaron b. There was darkness over the land of Egypt.

I. Sacrifice of the Lamb is followed by these events: [given in exact order]

a. God's people under the blood are protected b. The destroying angel is released [this is the final plague]

c. Firstborn of Egypt are slain d. There was a great cry in Egypt. [Ex. 12:30]

e. Pharaoh lets Israel go f. Israel leaves Egypt g. Israel brings Joseph's bones out of the grave h. Firstborn of God's people are redeemed i. Final pursuit by Pharaoh j. Israel passes through the sea k. Final Victory, Pharaoh destroyed, horse and rider in the sea.

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