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Hell Really Exists

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This forms quite an interesting parallel with the mustard seed parable. When mustard is growing across the ground as it does normally, you can't tell when one plant stops and the next one begins. They all look the same. But if you have a mustard tree here and there, they are clearly different and distinct. So it is in the history of the church. Once it stopped spreading over the earth, from house to house, denominations were formed. And these denominations had many differences even wars among themselves.

Another feature of the mustard seed parable is that the fowls built nests in the tree branches. This speaks of demonic strongholds and doctrines of demons, or confusion, becoming mixed into the church teachings.

The mustard seed parable then is a picture of the spirit of Babylon at work in the church. And the 'mustard tree' has much in common with the 'fig tree', as a symbol of the law of sin and death which is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

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