The new paradigm has emerged for the end time church

It is already starting to overthrow the old one.

We present here, some points that it contains; in no particular order and in the form of slogans. Fellowship, not membership.

Sonship and brotherhood for women equally with men, not servanthood.

Provision and finances from the Lord not man.

Ministers are servants, not clergy.

We decrease, He increases and fills all.

Death to self and all anxiety.

Doing what and only what we see the Father doing.

Resting in the Lord, not working for his approval.

Communion, not compliance.

Small groups, not megachurches.

Flowing, not striving.

Following the Lamb where ever he leads, even unto death. It's the 'Day of His Power', we shall be willing.

Submitting to one another, not to man's or an institutions authority, covering or headship.

Giving cheerfully, not tithing. Unity through harmony, not hierarchy. Organism, not organization. Relationship, not religion. Living word, not dead letter.

Eating from the Tree of Life, not the Tree of Knowledge.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, in his people.

And what we have known as the church is being refined and purged to become the Kingdom of God.

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