The Martyr Spirit

From: "Russell White"

Four missionaries who endured a night of beating and humiliation in their village in India are determined to stay until they plant a church. A crowd of 15 people burst into the hut of the Gospel for Asia native missionaries, bound them hand and foot, and beat them with iron rods and bamboo sticks, according to GFA. The men were stripped of their clothes, paraded through the village, and ordered to reject Christ. ...

When the men refused to renounce their faith, mob ringleaders accused them of trying to kidnap a child and exhorted the crowd to beat them. After the beating, the missionaries were told to leave the village and never return. They went to their local GFA supervisor, who took them to the police, who ordered members of the mob to apologize for the beating and return stolen possessions. ...

Police advised the missionaries to move to another village where they would be safer. "Here we were beaten, bruised, and bled. Until we see a living congregation for Jesus we will not move from here," the leader said. Since then, 14 villagers have become Christians through the men's testimony.


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