The House is not yet built

Next realize that the House is not yet built. But the Lord will give us a sign that we can go up on the third day. And that's because He will build it at that time.

There is a certain sense in which it is impossible to go up to the House of the Lord. That is you can't go there till the place gets built. Just as we cannot say we rejoice in the unity of the brethren. There is no unity of the brethren. Not today, not yet.

In the figurative terms God uses in the bible, the unity of the brethren, the church is the same as the assembling of the Body of Christ and the same as the building of the temple. All the many, many passages that talk about building the tabernacle or the temple are speaking about the Church.

Now the church is not in unity because it's members are not in submission to the Lordship of Jesus. Speaking of the Body, we can say that the members are not rightly connected, not in their proper place and not holding fast to the head. So the parts of the body do not respond instantly to the commands that come from the head. Speaking of the temple, we can say it is not yet built because the foundation is not yet laid. The foundation is the Lordship of Jesus who is the head stone. The head of many living stones. The temple is not built because the son of man has not a place where to lay his head, the head stone.

But God gave Hezekiah a sign that he would do what he promised.

The meaning of that sign points to a sign that God will give us in these later days.

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