The Divinity of Jesus

For example in Revelation, there is a description of God's throne in heaven. It is said to be surrounded by the four beasts. Later you see where it says that in the midst of the throne, and in the midst of the four beasts there stood a lamb. A believer can read this and in a flash of insight, reach a conclusion that Jesus is God. For him, because the Spirit can quicken his insight, this can be a proof text. A skeptic can look at this same passage and just as easily say 'I don't see where this proves anything!'

Another passage used as a proof text is in John 20: 28 when doubting Thomas places his hand into Jesus' wounded side, and exclaims, My Lord and My God! To a believer this is a proof text of the Divinity of Jesus. To a skeptic or a member of a movement or cult that denies the Divinity of Jesus, it's no proof at all. They can easily claim that Thomas is just using a figure of speech. As someone who says "Jumpin' Jehosaphat!" or "Holy Smoke!" is merely expressing astonishment.

The idea here is that if someone doesn't want to accept a certain idea, or believe a certain doctrine, they will always be able to come up with an alternative explanation. If they have not been given any insight by the Spirit or they are hindered by one of the stumbling blocks the result is much the same. They will go off in the wrong direction.

Likewise the anti-rapture school will often go too far and reject any covenant promises with Israel as applying to natural Israel. This gets them into replacement theology, and dangerously close to anti-Semitism. It is a typical over-reaction to the excesses of dispensationalism. These thinkers will find themselves saying things like "The restoration of the State of Israel in 1948 has absolutely nothing to do with bible prophecy." Well, duh! How is anybody going to be taken seriously when they deny something as obvious as that? Man's logic in this case gets him to the point of denying the obvious.

No matter what you say, some people are set in their views and cannot be swayed by reason or scripture. The real reasons for their attitudes may be will hidden behind a smokescreen of excuses and rationalizations. Or you may just have a case of outright refusal to believe.

Once I had an opportunity to share a taped testimony of someone who God had raised from the dead. Marvin Ford suffered a fatal heart attack and was dead on the hospital bed for one half hour. In his testimony he describes his experience in heaven, and how he saw his pastor come to the hospital, and pray over his corpse. Then he was back in his body, alive again. My neighbor listened to this and refused to believe it. He argued, well that never could have happened because after being dead that long, his brain cells would be dead and he would just be a vegetable if he woke up again. Well DUH! What does it take? Did this guy ever stop to think? If God could bring someone's body back to life, wouldn't that include the brain cells? But it was no use debating him. No wonder Jesus said:

Luke 16:31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

So we are to avoid foolish disputes with those weak in the faith, because unless they can hear directly from God for themselves, nothing will convince them. They are may be swayed by some experience or jostled by a show of power, but mere discourse will have little effect.

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