The Church of Israel

The terms kahal [congregation in Hebrew], church [English], and ecclesia [called out in Greek] all mean the same thing. Only today we see a nation and people of Israel and a global movement of Christianity not linked to any one nation or people.

God's Israel or God's people. These should be seen as one group, the elect of God. This is so even if they are from Pre-Flood times, Old testament, New testament or End times. [so called tribulation saints]

Did the Church begin at Pentecost? Some say yes in Acts 2 and others say yes, in Exodus. But if God's people are one group, then it goes back all the way to Adam and includes anyone who was justified by having faith in God's promises. Like they say, it all depends on what you mean. So be careful when jumping to conclusions. Which is exactly what replacement theology does.

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