Revival Louisiana Needed A series of messages via electronic mail Edited and compiled by Bill Somers

The Prophetic List sent out the following message on December 18 of 96

From: Korpi <[email protected]>


I was instructed to ask a certain pastor for his prayer needs. At first he was hesitant, but when I shared that God had instructed me to ask, he became more open. The pastor shared two needs. One was victoriously met by the very next morning. The other need was for "revival in Louisiana, USA."

Since God had appointed me to pray, I asked him to show me the situation, in the spiritual realm, before I began. I received the following vision:

I saw a great demonic creature in rich robes. He sat on a gold throne, almost like a chair, that was far too small for his bulk. He appeared to have just finished a "too large" feast, and was holding and waving a golden goblet that spilled because it was too full. He had a half-drunken-half-grin on his face, and he appeared to be singing some kind of bawdy song, although I heard nothing.

He sat above the northeast section of upper Louisiana. From him, I saw cords, like large veins, leading to several small spots (cities?), all over the state.

I wanted to attack the demon, but God stopped me. Instead, he drew my attention to the connections of the cords to the spots. I looked closely, and saw they were somewhat "chewed" and partially disconnected. But the work had not been done recently. The marks were old.

God instructed me to send angels to the intercessors who had been assigned, to gather reports from them. Well over half of the angels that returned, told me that the intercessor over their area was "asleep." I was horrified. Well over half of God's chosen, sleeping on the job.

I looked at the reports returned, knowing well over half were missing, and asked God what to do.

God told me this: The demon is a "party spirit." It is being nurtured because it produces wealth for the state. At one time, intercessors began a war against it, and made some progress. The progress has been sustained, but no new work has been done. Currently over half of God's assigned intercessors are asleep.

God told me that first the intercessors had to be awakened, and put back in full service.

In order for revival to come to Louisiana, the cords have to be severed at the site of the small spots. It seemed the cords came from cities throughout the state. Perhaps they are spiritual locations rather than physical ones. I got the impression each intercessor would have one specific area they are working on. It seems like the number of "cities" was between 60 and 100, or so.

Once that is done, the demon will abandon its post. God warned me not to leave the stronghold empty, but instead to call in the Holy Spirit to fill it completely.

At that point, the original intercessors will need a "shot in the arm" because the battle will have worn them down a bit.

I was instructed to ask God to raise up a "second string" of intercessors, fresh and ready to engage in battle.

The original intercessors will perk up with the influx, and continue the war. These intercessors will all join together to prepare the people of the state for revival.

Only after the people of the state are prepared, and ready to receive, can real revival "break out." I saw glory stream from the stronghold location, now inhabited by the Holy Spirit, and flow over the state.

I and a small group of experienced intercessors are praying, according to God's instructions. [The pastor and his church are also praying. I shared the vision with him, but have no idea if he took it seriously enough to share it with his people.]

I have shared this with the list, so anyone who feels called by God to become part of this work, can pray, with knowledge of this vision and the instructions God gave.


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A Reply to Korpi and confirmation of the vision.

From: William Somers

My immediate reaction to this vision and message, being a resident of Louisiana, was interest and excitement. I quickly forwarded the email to a large group of friends and acquaintances that have email. I also printed up the text and made copies to share with the pastors and intercessors at my local Church.

What I was seeking was confirmation or discernment of the vision. It came several days later. In the course of a phone conversation with one of our local intercessors, two things were mentioned of interest. First she felt convicted by the passage that mentioned intercessors being asleep on the job. And had to repent to God for sleeping herself sometimes when she should have been praying. Second she mentioned the part about where it says: "the connections of the cords to the spots. I looked closely, and saw they were somewhat "chewed" and partially disconnected. But the work had not been done recently. The marks were old."

Then with a jolt of revelation I realized what that meant.

In 1986, a Worship Congress was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, at Victory Assembly in Metairie, just outside the city. This was a conference devoted to teaching about worship and directed towards singers, musicians and pastors. It featured the ministries of Lamar Boshman, Kent Henry and Ray Hughes among others. This conference took place during the weekend before Mardi Gras. One emphasis of the conference was opposition to Mardi Gras. We were taught about praise and worship as weapons of spiritual warfare. And their use against such ungodly activities as Mardi Gras.

It was during this conference, while Lamar Boshman was preaching that my wife Marylee had a vision. On the stage right next to Bro. Lamar there appeared a clown. A clown dressed in purple, green and gold. These are the colors of Mardi Gras. This was the Mardi Gras Clown; a spirit. As she watched the clown grew larger and larger as though inflated by air, when it suddenly burst and disappeared. Several years later there occurred a great amount of dissension and strife among the organizations that were involved in Mardi Gras. A tremendous amount of bad feelings were generated between the City and various carnival clubs. This resulted in certain clubs completely dropping out of Mardi Gras, others limiting their activities and some small but permanent damage to the institution.

Of course I was overjoyed to see all this demonic activity coming apart at the seams. But the Lord caused me to see that this didn't happen by accident. It was the result of the prayer and intercession; praise and worship that took place years earlier, at the Worship Congress. I shared this insight with some friends but none were much interested at the time.

Now I see that in this vision, this is represented by the damage that was done to the cords. It is partial damage and was not done recently. It was done 10 years ago, and then the effort stopped! Here in Louisiana we have received prophecies that our state would be a gateway for Revival. One word in particular was that Revival would begin at the mouth of the River, [the Mississippi], and come up the river to spread all through the USA. This makes it all the more important to continue the warfare against this ruling spirit over our state. The victory will come, it has been seen in the vision. The Revival will come. And the Kingdom of God will come to America! Glory to God!


reply Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 21:34:04 -0500 From: Korpi <[email protected]> To: [email protected]


It was with great joy that I read your post. I am sharing this with my group of intercessors. The confirmation was appreciated, and it was even more gratifying to hear the call for revival is being spread in Louisiana. I was excited to hear details about the "former work," and also your wife's vision. By being able to share this, we all become more invigorated. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Our greetings to all the Brethren in Louisiana.

Together in prayer, Korpi

Subject: Louisiana

Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997

From: Teresa Seputis [email protected] To: [email protected]

Hi Bill.

I got a copy of your write-up of Korpi's vision regarding prayer and intercessor for Louisiana. As I read it, I was strongly reminded of an intercessory experience I had there in August of 1995. I did a write-up of that to the new-wine list back then. By some miracle, I still seem to have a copy of that email. I felt like I was supposed to forward a copy of this to you and to the person who had the original intercessory assignment and vision. It is enclosed at the end of this email. I think you will find it interesting...

On another (unrelated) note, I notice that you mentioned a prophetic list ([email protected]). I am very interested in finding out more about that list. I am a prophetic intercessor and also seem to move fairly regularly in words of knowledge and personal prophesy when doing one-on-one ministry. I would be very interested in finding out more about this prophetic list and possibly even joining it. Could you please tell me more about it, and also how to subscribe to it? Thanks.

Many blessings!

- Teresa (Teresa Seputis; [email protected])

From: Teresa Seputis <[email protected]>

To: Multiple recipients of list <[email protected]>

Subject: Intercessory Experience in N.O.

I had a very unusual intercessory experience last week while on vacation with my unsaved husband. Our vacation plans were to go to New Orleans for the Americal Contract Bridge League National Championships. We played bridge and also did some sightseeing. Our first night there we arrived quite late (around 11:00 PM). My husband decided to walk along the famous Bourbon street -- the "party center" of New Orleans. Every third building was a bar and there were also a great number of nude and "live sex" types of places. There was an incredible mass of people walking along the street, so much so that it was almost impossible to walk along. Most of these people were drunk, some to the point where they needed assistance from their friends to walk. Some where shaking and some were staggering around and almost everyone was smiling and laughing. It looked sort of like a really hot renewal meeting, except that it was the imitation (liquor) instead of the real thing -- God's Spirit. I got back to the hotel room feeling really troubled in my spirit but I could not put my finger on exactly why.

The next day we went to a group lunch sponsored by the ACBL -- a gospel and blues brunch. We ended up sharing a table with two older ladies who were from the local area. There was a lot of voodoo paraphernalia on the walls, such as a lot of pictures of snakes or dinosaurs with "Jesus loves you!" written over them. My husband pointed out the pictures and the local ladies started explaining that they were voodoo. They went on to say that voodoo was not evil, just another path to God. They said that they were Christians (Catholics) as they sat there and drank heavily. My husband piped in that I was studying to become a minister and the women started saying how Christianity could be summed up in the word "tolerance". At this point, I finally jumped into the conversation and disagreed. I started to say that Christianity was all about loving God with all of our heart, soul and mind and loving our neighbor as ourselves. But the lady would not even let me finish my sentence. She started yelling at me and going on an on about tolerance. Finally, abut 5 minutes later when she paused for breath, I said, "It sounds like you really value tolerance." "Yes," she replied. Then I went on to say that she was not being very tolerant of me and was not even giving me a chance to finish my first sentence. She offered to let me speak. I said that Christianity is not about being tolerant but of being right with God. She cut me off again saying that we cannot know what is right with God and how dare anyone try to judge another and on and on. When she finally paused for breath, I said that God has revealed in His word, the Bible, what He considers right and wrong. I almost got to finish this sentence before she started on another barrage. Just about then the entertainment (gospel blues music) started. She suddenly started clapping her hands and acting like the stereotype of a "traditional Pentecostal" during the entertainment. You would have thought that we were in a Church service and everyone here was a believer -- but I knew some of the people in the group who were decidedly antiChristian. They preached a short (5 minute) sermon about needing to love each other and tolerate each other. They seemed to throw around "praise the Lords!" pretty lightly as they drank their complementary alcoholic drinks.

It just reeked of hypocrisy and mixture. At one point I got up and went to the bathroom. There was a framed note on the wall. Someone claiming to be a prophet of the Lord had written the restaurant owner a note saying that it was wrong to use Holy things of God as entertainment for secular activities and that if they did not change their behavior, God's wrath would come on them. They obviously did not take the note very seriously, as they were using gospel blues as their entertainment. In fact, they framed the warning note and displayed it proudly along with their voodoo stuff.

God spoke to me very clearly that this was a type of the mixture of worldliness and ungodliness in His church. He said that He was displeased with this mixture both here in New Orleans and in His church in general. He said that He was no longer going to hold back His wrath from this place. He told me that He would continue showing me things that displeased Him.

A little later, I told the Lord how sad I was for this lady and how she would not let me get a word in edgewise to share the gospel. God said that He'd been trying to speak to many people here in New Orleans as well, and that they would not listen to Him either.

We left this luncheon a little early because my husband had made reservations for -- get this -- a cemetery tour. It turned out that this tour also had a voodoo emphasis and pointed out the tombs of a lot of voodoo queens (and how praying to them could grant wishes). The tour guide turned out to be a voodoo student himself and went on and on about how voodoo is using the dead to do good things for you, like healing people, etc. He keep calling this practice good instead of evil. Also, he took us to the oldest catholic Church in the city and pointed out the voodoo saint -- St. Expidite -- which had a place of honor in the Church.

The Lord spoke to me again and said "when people call evil good and call good evil and do so in My name, My judgment MUST fall. I cannot allow this to continue."

I left the tour a little early and went back to my hotel room. I started considering what I'd seen and asking the Lord about it and I suddenly became intensely sick -- I was nauseous and had such a piercing headache that I could not even stand up. It came on me all of the sudden -- one moment I was fine and the next, the full intensity of this was on me. I felt like maybe it was an enemy attack designed to keep me from praying. I really did feel too sick to pray and told the Lord so. I asked Him to help me. I felt like the Lord told me to take authority and that there was a voodoo curse on me that needed to be broken. I wondered if this might not be my imagination instead of God's voice. I did not want to throw around the Lord's power/authority lightly, so I asked Him for a confirmation that I'd heard right. The intense headache continued for over three hours and my husband never came back to our room. I felt like I was being tortured or something and could not fall asleep or sit up or think clearly or anything. Then I remembered hearing the Lord say that it was a curse and that I should use His power to break it. I told the Lord that I could not think clearly enough to do so and asked Him to help me. The Lord sort of led me through a repeat-after-me type of authority prayer where He would tell me what to say one phrase at a time and then I'm pray it out loud.

The headache started improving immediately and about an hour later was gone. My husband got back to the room and suggested we go dancing -- the entertainment that evening after the bridge game was over was an orchestra that played ballroom dance music. And it happens that Ed and I are ballroom dancers -- we used to compete in it several years ago but now we just dance for fun. I was well enough to be able to go dancing and to even enjoy myself. But when I got back to my room, I remained troubled in my spirit about the things the Lord had shown me. I had a sense of impending judgment falling on the area.

The next morning (Tuesday) they announced that hurricane Erwin was headed directly towards New Orleans. The Holy Spirit came on me as I heard that announcement. I suddenly knew that this was His judgment against the things He'd been showing me. I asked Him why He brought me here at this time. I had a strong sense that I was supposed to intercede for this area. So I started to consider how to pray and could not come up with anything. From the things that the Lord had been showing me, it seemed like this judgment was totally justified, long overdue, and that there was nothing to be argued against it. I told the Lord that I felt He'd brought me here to intercede, but that I had no clue of how to do so. I asked Him to show me what to pray and reminded Him that He is a merciful God.

On Wednesday, I was in prayer. I was again considering everything that the Lord had showed me and how justified any judgment of this area would be. I keep seeing pictures of those masses and masses of people on Bourbon street and kept imagining them drunk in the spirit and worshipping God instead of drunk in the natural. I started telling God of my picture and asking Him to make it so. I felt like He said that He would make it so, but that first He would bring destruction and out that that destruction the survivors would be more receptive to revival. I asked Him if He could find a way to do it that would not involve destruction and a whole lot of people dying without the Lord.

Suddenly an intensity came on me and I found myself saying out loud to the Lord, "Lord, New Orleans has the word 'new' in it's name. I challenge you to make this city new in You and to clean it up like you did in my life. Please turn this place into a holy place of Your power and presence. Make it new in You."

I felt like the Lord said that He would take that challenge. His voice was so distinct that it was almost audible. I remember being startled and looking around the room. No one was there but me -- my husband was in the shower. We played two sessions of bridge that day which took about 8 hours and kept me from being able to concentrate on prayer. When I went to bed that night the hurricane warnings were up. People were boarding up the windows of stores and restaurants. Hotel guests were stocking up on snacks in case food would be unavailable. I felt like I should intercede some more, but there did not seem to be any empowerment or leading from the Lord to do so. So I asked Him to take good care of my husband and myself if the hurricane should hit -- we were in the 33rd floor of a 41 story hotel and I didn't feel too terribly safe being way up there in a hurricane. I felt His peace wash over me and He told me two things -- 1) He always took care of His own when His judgment hits an area and 2) He had taken me up on my challenge to make New Orleans new in Christ.

The hurricane was supposed to hit us around noon Thursday, but it never came our way. Instead it turned inland and hit the Florida panhandle. Now, I don't know much about hurricanes and their travel patterns. I hear they are erratic. But I do know that New Orleans was expecting the hurricane to hit and that may businesses had closed for the anticipated storm. I also know that even with the hurricane turning, they expected a lot of rain and wind to still hit New Orleans, but it never came. In fact the best weather we experienced the whole week was on the day the hurricane was supposed to hit and the day afterwards. The television weathermen and newscasters kept commenting on how odd it was to not even get a single drop of rain from the hurricane.

I am still trying to process this intercessory experience. Could my prayers really have made a difference in turning the storm away from New Orleans? Has God really accepted a challenge to make New Orleans new in Christ and turn that place into a spiritual Hotpoint instead of a party town? How much of this was the Lord's leading and how much (if any) of this was just my imagination? Did God really bring me to New Orleans just then to intercede for it?

I've been an intercessor for a while now, but there is still a lot about intercession that I don't know. Still, it was an interesting and powerful experience for me and has left me even more convinced of the power of prayer, especially when our prayers are Spirit led.



Subject: Response to Louisiana

Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 12:22:58 +0000 From: [email protected] (Erik Johnson) To: [email protected] Dear Bill Somers:

I was very interested in the vision you had for intercessors for Louisiana that I received from the "Awakening" email list. I wanted to share with you that there were two other major events in New Orleans in 1986 and 1987. In 1986 there was a Pastor's gathering to prepare for the 1987 World Congress on the Holy Spirit & Evangelism. The Pastor's Conference had such speakers as Paul Yonggi Cho (sorry for any misspellings). The open conference was setup with denominational breakfasts, afternoon workshops & evening sessions held in the Super Dome. Dr.Vinson Synan's organization put together the events (AD2000 is its name, I believe). I was able to attend afternoon workshops given by John Wimber. This was where I first was exposed to laughter in the Spirit as well as weeping and travail. I also experienced being drunk in the Spirit. One of the evening speakers was Reinhard Bonnke. Scott Wesley Brown led worship one evening. On the last day there was a Christian Parade ala Mardi Gras, that wound all through New Orleans and culminated by marching into the Super Dome for the evening session. Pastor Charles Green from one of New Orleans' large Spirit-filled churches was one of the emcees. I wish I could remember all of the speakers and if there were specific words given. The other item of significance that struck me was that the Super Dome was filled with Spirit Filled Christians from all denominations: from Catholic Charismatics, Many Protestant denominations as well as Pentecostals and NonDenominationals. The unity in the Spirit was wonderful. Ministry after the sessions went on late into evenings.

As soon as I read about the "chewed cords" from the past, I knew I had to pass this along to you. Personally, it challenged me to "wake up" into a new and directed level of intercessory prayer.

In the name of Jesus, I come against the attacks on this awakening of the intercessors and pray for an outpouring of MORE of you Lord upon them, fill them Oh Lord to overflowing. I pray for their cups to open wide to receive all that you have for them. I pray for that the walls that prevent God's fullness to poured in to them, to be broken, that the cups would not have false bottoms preventing the filling. I pray that they would not be satisfied with half full but thirst for overflowing!

When you water a garden, it takes a saturation to reach the roots and effect growth in the plants. This is especially true if the ground is dry and hard. A quick sprinkling justs moistens the leaves where the sun comes out and dries them off. A sustained outpouring affects the roots and causes true growth and change. It can also wash debris that has accumulated around the base of the stem of the plant making it easier for the water to get into the ground around that plant.

I believe God wants to give us more of Him and His Spirit, but we need to desire to receive it and not just rush off with a touch but be patient to stay and receive His fullness.

God showed me the garden vision during worship at a renewal service at Bethel Assembly in Wyckoff, New Jersey. He seems to keep telling me to share it and so I pray that it ministers to you. God Bless You: Erik Johnson

38 Duval Street [email protected] Bridgewater NJ 08807 1-908-704-0936

[I have since found out that the first Worship Congress was in 1987.] Prophecies and prophetic signs linking Louisiana to Revival in Pensacola

On Sep 9 1996, Mike and Vickie Conroy of Brownsville Assembly spoke at Reserve Christian Church and shared their vision for the spread of the revival and how it must come through Louisiana The Church is located in Reserve Louisiana about one mile from the banks of the Mississippi River, and 30 miles up river from New Orleans,. Vickie Conroy especially shared her burden to intercede for New Orleans.

Their topic was Why Pensacola?

[Mike Conroy speaking - transcribed from a taped recording of the service.]

1559, Pensacola was founded. You might not know it but Pensacola, ... People would ask, when revival broke out in Brownsville Pensacola, Why Pensacola? Vicki and I always felt there was some reason why Pensacola had a special place in the United States. I mean when you get right down to it, it's not a big town. I mean it's really a nowhere town when you consider it's no bigger than some other communities. But why was Pensacola known world wide?

Well contrary to the history books Pensacola was settled prior to St, Augustine. St. Augustine Florida is listed as the oldest city in the country, but Pensacola is older.

1559, Don Tristan de Luna sailed from Mexico to Pensacola. Now along with him he had about 1500 people. The interesting point about that is Columbus. I'd better back up to Columbus.

Columbus had a desire to find a new trade route to the east, in order to fund a crusade to take back the holy land from the Muslims. And that was the desire of Columbus' heart. His desire was to raise enough money, to go on this expedition; to evangelize the nations that he would find; but also to raise enough money to take back Jerusalem.

Well the first place that was settled after Columbus discovered the new world, in the dirt that became the United States of America, was Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola, Florida was the first place in that dirt that became the United States and remember What nation in the world today ? There is no nation in the world today more protective of the nation of Israel than the United States. So Columbus, although he didn't see the crusade that took back Jerusalem, the nation where the first city was founded did just that. And it has been a protector of Israel. And God has blessed this nation through that effort, I believe.

Another thing that happened though, when de Luna come to Pensacola, he brought along with him about 1500 people. He brought some priests. He brought many many settlers. But he brought 100 Aztec warriors with him. So while he was coming on the ships, he was carrying Christianity in some ships, and demonic, satanic worshippers in the other ships. So when they got on the ground in Pensacola the struggle began.

The city was blown away, or the settlement was blown away by a hurricane. The settlement was routed. But it still remains the oldest settlement in the United States of America.

Now some things about the early map. The Spanish settlers when they came they named all the rivers. They named all the bays and so forth. The name of Pensacola Bay is the Haya de Santa Maria de Phillipina. Which was the bay of Saint Mary and Saint Philip, after the king. That's boring stuff, but the good part is like I said before the Mississippi River. What they named the Mississippi River was Rio del Spiritu Santo. Now the interesting part about that is Pensacola was the governmental headquarters for the Spanish, the French, The British and Andrew Jackson.

And this territory and all the way up the river was ruled from Pensacola. Now you may have heard, pastor Yonggi Cho has made a prophecy indicating that he saw revival breaking out in Pensacola. And it moved to the west, to Mobile and then New Orleans. And then up the Mississippi River! And then over to the east coast and then back to the west coast, until the entire nation was ablaze.

Well what makes sense in that is exactly how an order would go from the headquarters in Pensacola. If an order went out from the headquarters in Pensacola, the governmental head, it would go to Mobile and then New Orleans and then up that river. Now that river drains two thirds of this nation. But two thirds of this nation can be reached by going back up that river. So the Lord is on his way. The Spirit of God, that river is flowing this way. The Spirit of God is gonna flow up that river, and it's gonna engulf this area [New Orleans] also. This Church will be a mighty place where people in this area will be able to get a drink of the water of life.

And I just want to encourage you and I don't know why necessarily, but when I was sitting there, that river and the thought it was and again were not talking about a trickle. We're not talking about a little drip. We're talking about a huge flow of God's Spirit in these last days. Not something that's just gonna get us damp, you know. Something we can't even stop It's gonna take you where it wants to take you. You're not gonna be able to fight it anymore that you would that river down the road.

Why Pensacola? By Mike Conroy quoted from his article on the Mike Conroy Brownsville Website.

Pensacola is a city on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and is the home of the Navy Blue Angels, it is also the birthplace of some well known sports figures. The city has been called "The Mother-in-Law of the Navy" because of all the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard pilots have initial training here. The murders of an abortion doctor in 1993 and another in 1994 thrust the city into the world spotlight, but the story of Pensacola didn't begin in the 1990's.

The outpouring of God's Spirit at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola may have been foretold. Pensacola was the first settlement in the New World and has passed through the possession of several nations.

Pensacola is known as the City of Five Flags. Spain, France, England, the Confederacy and the United States have all claimed the area. The real estate has been fought over often. The souls of the residents have been fought over in the heavens. The city seal has the cross as it's centerpiece. Meanwhile the city protects abortion and has embraced prostitution and homosexuality.

Both Pensacola and St. Augustine claim to be the oldest city in the United States.

1559 Pensacola's earliest settlement dates to the 1559 when Tristan de Luna led 1500 Spanish colonists to Pensacola Bay. This outpost lasted only two years. The first Spanish colonists arrived in St. Augustine in 1564, five years after de Luna's Pensacola failure. This effort was successful Pensacola can legitimately claim to be the oldest colony and St. Augustine the oldest continuously occupied city. 1

When de Luna came to the area he brought eight Catholic priests to evangelize the Indians. The Priests dedicated the ground to God and prayed for a blessing on the venture. The de Luna expedition struggled with the terrain and weather and food supplies. The blessings of God on the area may have been hampered by the religious practices of the 100 Aztec warriors who were brought along to help explore. Aztecs in Mexico worshipped the sun and sacrificed humans on stone altars.

The native people in Florida that met the explorers performed sacrifices of their first born children. Another interesting similarity between the times of the explorers and present was the custom of abortion in extramarital pregnancy.

1686 Juan Jordan de Riena first used the name Panzacola stating. "This bay the Indians call Panzacola . . . With the Indian pilot we went by longboat to the village of Panzacola . . . The Panzacola brought forth and gave us tortillas and corn and we presented them with glass beads" The name "Panzacola" properly is "pa shi okla" meaning "Bread People" in Choctaw, a closely related tongue. The Panzacola tribe was annihilated by warfare with other tribes by 1722

At Brownsville Assembly of God Dick Reuben has spoken during our weekly communion on Sunday morning. It's interesting that the name Bethlehem the place of the Lord's birth translates into the "city of bread" and the root of Pensacola's name is in another tongue "The bread people"

A Final Word by Bill Somers

To summarize all this several conclusions can be reached. Clearly the Lord is sending revival. The visions, prophecies and other material in this article point out that He wishes to send Revival to Louisiana and to follow the pattern described in Mike Conroy's talk.

That is why He is calling for intercessors! Revival must be birthed in prayer!

We have been asked Why Pensacola? Well because by prophecy and prophetic sign Pensacola is the starting point. [A prophetic sign is something in the natural that points to something in the spiritual. The name 'bread people' for the Pensacola Indians speaks of Bethlehem, the house of bread, for example.]

So now we have heard the call to intercede for Louisiana, and we can answer the question 'Why Louisiana?" Because Louisiana is a critical intermediate point. And since it contains many of the enemy's spiritual strongholds, it acts as a roadblock. If revival is held back from Louisiana, it will be held back from the rest of the USA!

I'm reminded of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. God's promise had Abraham as its starting point. It passed on to Isaac and then to Jacob. If the enemy had stopped Jacob, there would have been no nation of Israel, but once Jacob had fathered his 12 sons, there was no stopping the move of God.

This promise of God, as outlined by Mike Conroy and Pastor Cho has its starting point in Pensacola. Then it will pass along to Mobile and then to New Orleans Louisiana. If the enemy can keep it out of Louisiana, he can stifle the revival, but once it gets past New Orleans and up the Mississippi River, there will be no stopping the move of God!

It's my prayer that God will raise up some of you to help intercede in this cause.

God Bless y'all!


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