Reason Has A Limited Effect

Generalizing on this idea, it seems that reasoning and logic does not convince people to change their views. Ultimately their views and opinions are not entirely rational. Now reason can have a great influence in many cases, but where it meets resistance it will not carry the day. We know from the bible and from experience that there are great spiritual influences on the mind. And these are capable of controlling or conditioning the thinking of entire populations where they hold sway.

No matter what you say, some people are set in their views and cannot be swayed by any rational means. The real reasons for their attitudes may be will hidden behind a smokescreen of excuses and rationalizations.

This brings us back to avoiding foolish disputes. The immature Christian will get into foolish debates because they are still babes, feeding on the milk of the word. They are still weak in the faith. They will latch onto some theory, and nothing can budge them. Reasoning from the scriptures does not sway them, because their ideas or the ideas they have been taught, have become a stronghold in their thinking.

And what do we mean by weak in the faith? We are told that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. This can mean faith comes by hearing the word of God. Or in a more complex analysis, that faith is the ability to hear the word of God, and this hearing comes from 'The Word of God', that is Jesus. This said another way is that Jesus gives the ability to hear his word.

So what do we mean by hearing in this case? Spiritual hearing of course. When Jesus rebukes his critics in John 8 it says:

John 8:43 Why do ye not understand my speech ? even because ye cannot hear my word.

Here it's not whether they can hear what he is saying to them. They could just holler 'Speak Up Louder' if that was the case. Their problem is they have no Spiritual ears to hear the meaning of Jesus' words. The idea is restated in verse 47.

John 8:47 He that is of God heareth God's words

This does not only apply to the ungodly, but to the immature Christian. When one comes to the lord, he can read the word and this is feeding on the milk. As you mature, you begin to hear the word as well. This is learning to feed on the meat, and it should always increase. So hearing is not just hearing with the ears, it is understanding. Likewise, seeing is not just seeing with the eyes, but understanding or comprehending.

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