Part Two The Red Hot Sauce The Prophetic Necktie

One summer a few years back, I came across a pastor I knew and found him wearing a prophetic necktie. It seems that the McIlheny company of Avery Island Louisiana had marketed a series of new products to diversify advertise and to capitalize on the name of their Tabasco sauce. These included ash trays, coffee cups, napkins, towels, coasters and other house-wares; and neckties.

On this particular necktie you could see a bottle of the famous Tabasco sauce in the foreground and the night sky in the background. In the night sky there were 4 or 5 bright stars, and one of them was especially brighter than the others. Proceeding from this bright star was a ray of light that led directly to the Tabasco bottle. An interpretation instantly leapt to mind. So I told this pastor that his tie was prophetic and depicted the Bright and Morning Star [Jesus] sending down the Fire!

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