Objective Or Subjective The Limitations Of Science

One of the objections that scholars have to employing allegory in bible study has been the loss of objectivity. Allegory must be subjective, these scholars feel and thus can't be depended upon to come up with an interpretation everyone can agree on. This points to a fundamental assumption. This is the idea that we can draw conclusions from the Bible in just the same way that science reaches conclusions based on empirical observation and experiment. Once again this is to approach the word of God using the ways of the world. It's inherently immature.

In our day and age science is looked on as the ultimate achievement of man's mind. And the accomplishments of technology as a testament to man's greatness. So the scholarly approach goes the same direction because it seems to work in other areas.

Few people are aware and still fewer people point out that empirical science and its handmaid mathematical logic have encountered serious dead ends. In mathematics, the queen of the sciences we are limited by the incompleteness theorem, which underscores the limits of man's reason. Physics, the king of the sciences is even more seriously plagued by the uncertainty principle. This makes it clear that objective knowledge based on observation is always conditioned by the interaction between the event observed and the ones doing the observation. To put that more simply, the act of observing has an effect on the thing you are trying to observe, so you can never be sure of what is really happening. [See End Notes] Ultimately objectivity is a fiction, because the presence of the observer always has some influence on the phenomena being observed. [This is quite easy to see in the field of journalism of course.]

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