No Undecided Voters

A few weeks before the last presidential election here in America, I got into a discussion with a co-worker who supported the candidate I opposed. One thing he mentioned was very intriguing. Actually, all the polling data about the undecided voter was just a lot of bunk, he claimed. There are no undecided voters; the election will not be won by swaying the undecided voter, or by persuading those of the opposing party to switch their votes. The election will go to who ever gets out the vote. [I personally feel that the heavy rain all election evening here in Ohio is what swung the state into the Republican camp.]

The next interesting point he made was that people did not give the real or honest reason they vote one way or another. In this election, he felt, people were actually quite indifferent to the personality and character of John Kerry. And they really weren't moved by the candidate's stands on the issues. People were going to vote one way or the other because they either liked the incumbent Pres. Bush or because they hated him. And the issues were irrelevant, and the personality of his opponent, Kerry made no difference. Now they might give a great deal of reasons for voting one way or the other, but that meant nothing really. The fact was that most people have their minds made up and simple arguments would not persuade them. And that's because their minds were made up on an emotional basis. Nobody is going to admit that the real reason they vote the way they do is not based on sound logic. But for some it is a personal like or dislike, and for some, it may be simply party affiliation. Character and programs mattered not at all.

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