Moses Passover Compared To Jesus

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Here are the parallels between Exodus, tradition, and the Gospels as Berthleson summarizes them.

1. The lamb is chosen on the 10 of the month; Jesus enters the temple on the 10th.

2. The lamb is examined for flaws for 4 days; Jesus is questioned and tested for 4 days.

3. The temple lamb is tied to the altar at 9am on the 14th; Jesus is nailed to the cross at 9am. [Mark 15:25]

4. The lamb is killed at 3pm; Jesus dies at 3pm.

5. The lamb is eaten at 6pm; Jesus is buried at 6pm.

6. At midnight the first born of Egypt are slain, and Pharaoh frees Israel. Moses takes the bones of Joseph, so Joseph's grave is left empty. When Jesus died and the saints came forth, Joseph's grave was left empty again!

7. Israel camps over night and dedicates the first born to the Lord; Jesus becomes the dedicated first born.

8. Israel travels to the sea and Pharaoh catches them there. Then the waters are parted and Israel descends into the sea and goes over on dry ground; Jesus descends into hell and takes the keys. [Eph. 4:8-9]

9. Moses leads the people through the sea to safety. Jesus leads the captivity out of hell. [Eph. 4:8-9] 10. Pharaoh and his army is destroyed in the sea, the people reach the far shore and rejoice; Jesus defeats Satan and rises from the dead.

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