Meaning of The Scroll

Moses had a commission to tell the Israelites that God had sent him. 'Tell them I am that I am'. That I AM had sent him. He also had authority to pronounce judgments.

Jesus had the same commission to reveal the Nature of God to the people of God. And he had the authority to pronounce judgments.

In the End Times it will be God's people in this role.

In Revelation 5, The Lamb who is worthy takes the scroll. Juster states that the scroll represents the decrees of God concerning the acts of judgment and redemption to occur in the last days. The seven seals represent the judgments and they are opened by Jesus, the Lamb, because he has the authority to initiate all the judgments to follow.

Other writers have claimed that the scroll is the 'title deed to planet earth' or a catalog of woe and sorrow.

I prefer to think of the scroll as representing the bible itself. And the reasons I will offer here are scriptural and provide a marvelous glimpse of the sheer genius of God in the construction of his word.

1. The Scroll is said to be written with in and without or on the front and back side. Rev. 5:1

2. The stone tables of the Law given to Moses are said to be written on the front and back sides.

Ex 32:15 ^ And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tables of the testimony were in his hand: the tables were written on both their sides; on the one side and on the other were they written.

This identifies the scroll with the law, hence with the bible, and ultimately with the Word of God, Jesus.

3. Since part is on the back side, then clearly it's not all readily apparent. Some meaning is hidden. The sealed scroll clearly has only a part of the writing visible.

4. There are several references to books being sealed in the O T. [Isa 8:16, 29:11 -12, and Dan 12:4] Daniel says they are sealed till the end. Here opening the scroll is the unsealing of the books.

5. Opening the seals means revealing hidden meaning in the Word. So opening the scroll is one of many illustrations of the key concept summarized in the opening verse of Revelation. The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

6. Jesus is the only one who can open the scroll. No man is worthy. This shows that God reveals himself. Man cannot learn of these things on his own.

7. Each seal that is opened produces a judgment, and this also speaks of the Revelation of Jesus Christ since as Ps 9:16 says "The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: "

So the Lamb that was slain is Jesus Christ. The Scroll is Jesus Christ. Opening the Scroll is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The Judgments that come forth are the Revelation of Jesus Christ. And the book is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It's all about the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In other words, knowing God.

Dan Juster writes

Our concern with the Book of Revelation should be less for speculation and more for our own preparation and understanding of present warfare. P35

The key preparations for the last days are therefore holiness of heart, humility, a burning love for the Lord and a faith preparation through the Word that will enable us to find God's guidance and strength to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. P 37

I heartily agree and would only add that it's about the Revelation of Jesus Christ in His People. Or as it is said: Christ in you, the Hope of Glory.

Dan Juster writes:

God's holy people can be martyred only when He calls upon them to lay down their lives. P37

The martyrdom of the prophets leads to an even greater outpouring of God's power. This is the result of true martyrdom - power is released in the spiritual realm! Thus the martyrdom of the Chinese saints under Communism led to the greatest church growth since the Church Age began. Martyrdom is similar to the sacrifice of intercessory prayer leading to the victory of the people of God. P 39

We can conclude that there are patterns established in Moses' Passover that are prophetic of Jesus' Passover, and in addition there will be a further fulfillment of these prophetic patterns in the end times. I find that in the scriptures describing Jesus' Passover, death and resurrection there are additional elements added that are also prophetic of the end times and of the Second Coming of Christ.

In general I would say that each feast as established by the Lord in Moses' time is prophetic and has multiple fulfillments. That is to say, that each one has been partly fulfilled in the past and awaits further and complete fulfillment in the end times.

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