Maturity vs Immaturity

The immature are Proud The mature are Humble

The immature are Scornful The mature are Understanding

The immature are Despise Prophecy The mature desire to Prophecy

The immature sees Bible text as Literal The mature sees Bible text as Allegorical

The immature sees Bible text as: Having 1 meaning only The mature sees Bible text as having multiple meanings

The immature Treat the bible as a Law book

The mature Treat the bible as having many forms of expression.

The immature Studies the bible Depending on a method The mature Studies the bible depending on the Spirit.

The immature sees bible text as the thoughts of the Writer of the book The mature sees bible text as the Words of Jesus.

The immature are offended by supernatural phenomena The mature are comfortable with supernatural phenomena.

The immature honors the sacred cows The mature Partake of real meat.

The immature think God said it all in his Word The mature knows that God still speaks today.

The immature applies parts of scripture to certain groups The mature see that all scripture applies to us.

The immature claim that the Word is sufficient

The mature know that it must be mixed with faith and illuminated by the Spirit.

The immature expect that study will reveal all the secrets of the bible The mature accept that some things remain concealed.

The immature are stiff necked and resistant The mature are willing to obey lessons learned.

The immature study the bible to know the Law The mature study the bible to know the Lord.

The immature are stuck in the old paradigm The mature are moving into the new paradigm.

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