Literalism Is The Problem

A great number of bible scholars and teachers tell us that the proper way to understand the bible is through consistent literal interpretation. This is expressed as The Law of Literal Interpretation. This law says: Always interpret scripture literally wherever possible. "If the literal sense makes sense, seek no other sense."

Now what's most unusual about this is that there is never any scriptural justification offered for adopting this principle. You will find many reasons offered, and all of them sound logical, but no bible verses. It's not so much what they are telling us to do, but what this law is telling us not to do? It's telling us not to seek; seek no other sense. That is not to seek any further than the literal meaning of scripture. But what does the bible say? It says just the opposite. It tells us to seek, long, hard and diligently. We must seek after wisdom with a passion.

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