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Let's state something that should be obvious. The Kingdom of God is wherever God is King. If Jesus is on the throne of your heart, and you are truly obedient to your King in all things, then the Kingdom of God is within you. When Jesus is truly enthroned in His church, and she is truly obedient in all things, then the Kingdom of God has come to this earth. This is what God has intended. And He has given us some illustrations in his Word to show us the pattern.

So to help us understand how it is that the millennial kingdom begins just before Jesus returns, lets look at examples of the Kingdom in scripture.

1. One parallel to the millennium in scripture is the reign of King Solomon. His kingdom was established during a time of Civil War in Israel. Peace came later. Adonijah proclaimed himself king and led certain elements of Israel into rebellion. He seems to be a figure for antichrist. At the same time, prior to his death, David anointed his son as King. Solomon took the throne and spent several years purging his kingdom of offenders. Likewise Jesus' Kingdom is going to be established during a time of Civil War in the Church, and peace will come after his return.

2. In 2 Kings, Chapter 11, read the story of queen Athaliah, a clear type of Satan. She ruled the land for six years, and in the seventh year she was overthrown. The seventh year speaks of the Millennium. In this particular case, the true king of Israel was crowned in the temple, and those in the temple rejoiced greatly. All the while, the usurper, Queen Athaliah, still ruled in the city outside.

Likewise, Jesus will build and occupy his temple, the Church, at the beginning of the seventh day [Millennium], and then physically return to overthrow Satan.

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