Jewish Traditions During the time of Jesus

On the 10th of Aviv [or Nisan]

The Temple practices had evolved to the point that on the tenth of Aviv the priests would select a lamb without spot or blemish. They would place the lamb on a special cart atop the Mt. of Olives.

They paraded the lamb down to the city and into the Temple court. There it would be displayed until it was slain at the Passover. [Lou Berthleson page 10-11]

On the 14th at exactly 9am The Temple lamb was tied to the altar.

At 3pm the Temple Lamb was killed, prepared and roasted.

At 6pm the Day changed to the 15th when the Temple Lamb was eaten.

Of course other lambs were killed as well for all the people who came to the feast. The Passover could be eaten on either evening of the fourteenth or the evening of the fifteenth. This was changed to accommodate the multitude of Jews coming to the city.

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