Jehovahs Witnesses 1022397 R

25. Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn, - 944,857

So what is the point here?

The churches that embrace Replacement Theology 14, out of 25, are in general, not Spirit Filled. Also the ministries and teachers that you see embrace Replacement Theology are usually not Spirit Filled.

On the other side, most of those in this list that are not in boldface are dispensational in doctrine. They are various brands of Baptist, and Pentecostal churches [Bapticostal] They teach pretrib, and emphasize a strict division between Israel and the Church. You will find that while all these are well versed in the word of God, they are still a bit immature when it comes to understanding that word. The Baptists are certainly not Spirit Filled and the Pentecostals have all, for some odd reason, borrowed their teachings on prophecy from their doctrinal enemies. Go figure!

Well you may say, who does that leave? Well it leaves a great number of Spirit Filled teachers and prophetic ministries, who actually hear from God. Furthermore, rarely, if ever, will you find any of these ever teaching Replacement. Quite the contrary, they will usually emphasize support for Israel. And they will share God's heart for the salvation of the Jewish people. That should be a big clue; in fact that should be all the convincing you need. Man can argue scriptures with earthly wisdom but He that Hath an Ear will hear.

To put it another way, Replacement Theology is a product of man's wisdom, or maybe it's a doctrine of demons. Either way, looking at the source tells us a lot. Mature Ministries that draw upon God's 'wisdom from above' do not teach this doctrine.

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