There are two main points to bring out. First is that Naomi and Ruth are types of Israel and the Church. This is, of course, considering them as separate groups. And we are talking about the Church as she is supposed to be, a friend to Israel, in the end times.

Second is that Ruth's actions on behalf of Naomi are a picture of the actions and accomplishments of the church in the end times. Ruth does for Naomi what Naomi could not do for herself. That is to provide an heir and enable her to receive an inheritance. Likewise, the Church will do for Israel what she is unable to do on her own. And this is to inherit the promise God made to the fathers, the promise of the Gospel. Hence: The Gospel According To Ruth.

Several writers have note this comparison between Naomi and Ruth and Israel and the Church. Christine Beadsworth is one, see: A Release Of Righteous Judgments. Also see: Shemology by Barbara Di Gilio.

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