How Much Of This In Inevitable

First some is inevitable because God's plan requires that "America will be reduced" to the point where she is not able to assist Israel in any way. And to the point where she cannot hinder antichrist in forming a one world government. America must fall.

Secondly some is inevitable because of the "sins of Manasseh" and because He will not leave us "wholly unpunished".

Thirdly some is inevitable because God wants to bring America to her knees in full repentance. She must be brought low enough for him to be able to establish Theocracy. Why? because we are a covenant people, analogous to Israel. (Many of the prophetic scriptures that mention Israel or Zion can be applied to us.) In a sense, the church of America is America.

I heard a comment that America is a land built by immigration. True. We are a people gathered out from other nations. Like the Church is a people called out from the nations. This reinforces the idea that the Church of America is America ; and America is a type of the Church.

To Quote Gordon Lindsey;

"America became a nation in a manner different from almost any other people with the exception of ISRAEL. Some indeed came to the New World in search of gold and silver and other treasure. Adventurers committed the most brutal crimes in their mad lust for wealth. Kingdoms were plundered by the conquistadors without the slightest compunction of conscience. But our forefathers (who were from many nation) came to America for another purpose. They came to find a sanctuary where they could worship God in the freedom of their conscience."

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