How Are The Mighty Fallen

It seemed to me, ironic, I pointed out that just lately we saw America at the peak of her power and influence. In the Gulf War, the United States exerted her military might on the other side of the globe. We saw decisive use of overwhelming force produce an astonishing rapid victory. From that point on to today and to the foreseen future we are headed straight down. How far down is the question; how great will the judgments against us be?

How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished! (2 Samuel 1:27)

The next day the Lord reminded me of the above verse from 2nd Samuel. He had given me that same scripture in the first days the gulf war. At that point we were still quite fearful of high casualties or possible adverse outcomes of the war. And I understood the reference to be to America. But as the war progressed, it seemed that the verse must have applied to Iraq. Yet Iraq did not then seem so mighty. And her weapons of war seemed paltry.

But now I see that this was referring to America. One purpose of the war was to show the might of America and to mark the peak of her power. This was our high point and marked the magnitude of our fall.

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