Her Destiny Revealed

Jepthah tells her about his vow and she willingly accepts her fate out of great love for Jepthah and total agreement with his purposes. This is part of the Revelation of Jesus Christ!

She is seen asking for a short time go out on the mountain before she must die. This is like Caleb's daughter who says you have given me land, now give me springs of water to water it. Which speaks of the Church who has been given the great commission but needs the great outpouring of the Spirit, living waters, to bring in this harvest.

When the Lord reveals Himself to His church, in revival, she will become willing to obey in all things. Like Mary who said, "Be it unto me according to thy word." The church will be willing in the day of His power to offer herself a living sacrifice which is her reasonable service. Her obedience is her worship. When you place your self at God's disposal you give him the right to dispose of you.

Jepthah's daughter goes out for a short time to go up and down the mountains.

The church will then have a short season to bring in the harvest moving in the miraculous end time power of God. She will be the one spoken of as how lovely on the mountains, [nations], are the feet of them that bring good news, [feet shod with the preparation of the gospel], and announcing the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Jepthah's Daughter meets her end as an offering to the Lord.

The End time Church will offer themselves a living sacrifice. [Rom. 12:1] When the beast is given power To Make War With The Saints, And To Overcome Them (Revelation 13:7)

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