He Comes To Avenge The Blood Of His Servants

At any rate the death of the church is what's required to trigger God's vengeance. This vengeance comes first on the powers of heaven. These are the men who sought his death, and when they are out of the way, this removes the veil of spiritual blindness from Israel. As Israel repents, the final condition for Jesus' return is met and He comes to fight their battle for them at Armageddon.

We have read many testimonies where people who get a very powerful visitation from God, confess their willingness to die for him. This can be seen in the scriptures as well. We will experience the same thing in revival.

What's unusual in this allegory of Jepthah's daughter is that her sacrifice comes after the battle is fought, but Jepthah is required to carry out his vow.

If we can see that the sacrifice of the [gentile] church is necessary we can also remind ourselves that Jesus has already fought the battle and won the victory for us.

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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