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A third way to look it is to say Israel and the Church are related by typology. Since we understand that Israel is God's people, and we know that the church is God's people, much of the scripture that talks about Israel also can speak to the church. New testament scripture tells us that the church is to be God's dwelling place, a temple made up of living stones. This means that any old testament scripture which refers to God's dwelling place, can also speak to the church. The dwelling place can be describes as a tent, a tabernacle, a house or a temple. One common use of types of this sort is when people quote Haggai and apply it to the church.

Haggai 2:9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Here Haggai is speaking of the rebuilt temple after the exiles returned from Babylon. Using typology, you substitute 'church' for 'house' and contrast the former and latter in a special way. Since 'latter' is used to mean latter day or end time, the 'latter house' therefore speaks of the end time church, and the former house speaks of the early church. Presenting it this way makes this scripture from Haggai a prophetic verse that in effect says the following. The glory of the end time church will be greater than that of the early church. Notice that typology is used twice here. First to compare the house of God, the temple with the church, and secondly to use the early church as a type of the end time church.

We mentioned earlier that God's people are a group called out from among the nations. The first instance is Israel, which God chose from among the nations to be a holy people. The second instance is the church, who are the called out ones, believers from all nations. The third instance is the USA, made up of peoples from all nations. The pattern is the same in each case.

If we look these as Intrater suggests, the pattern continues. Each one has two elements, the outer appearance and the inner remnant. The institutional church, i.e. the 'church system' or organized religion is corrupt and ripe for judgment. At the same time the inner remnant is interceding to delay or mollify that judgment. Outwardly the USA, [and the other nations] are corrupt and ripe for judgment. While the inner remnant yet intercedes. The church system is often seen as Babylon; while many others offer proof that the USA is Babylon. Since the pattern is the same, could both be correct?

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