God Is Revealing Himself The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

When you realize that God is revealing himself to you as he reveals the depths of meaning in his word, the scholarly ways just become so much trivia. Now consider that God will reveal different, but not opposite things, to different people about the very same scripture. And consider that he will reveal different things about the same scriptures to the same person at different times. You can see that there are multiple meanings and levels in His Word.

I recall a preacher who preached two weeks every night on John 3:16. Each sermon was different! God showed him different things to preach on each day.

The demand for objectivity in bible interpretation is the search for the single correct meaning of a passage, based on a man made principle of interpretation. This has proven to be fruitless. Objective, independently verifiable truth is an element of worldly thinking. When it comes to the word of God, it just won't work. After all Jesus is the Word of God, and He says 'I am truth'. Discovering truth then means receiving the Revelation of Jesus Christ. And this is only by varying degrees, as he reveals himself to different individuals. Objectivity then becomes a myth, a distraction, an error. This requires a pretty radical adjustment in mans thinking. The mature, are in Christ and have the mind of Christ. They can make this kind of radical adjustment in their thinking. They become like him in their thinking. His thoughts are higher than mans. His ways are different.

Divine Revelation and Subjective Truth

Divine revelation is a supernatural thing. It should however, be the normal daily fare for the mature believer. The uncertainty principle throws out unbiased, objective, empirical knowledge, because at certain levels, the act of observation interferes with the subject being observed. There is interaction between observer and the subject at just about any level, and at the subatomic level the uncertainty is overwhelming.

Divine revelation on the other hand, only works when there is interaction. It requires interaction. It seeks interaction. The observer is you, the mature believer. The Subject is God, the creator of the universe. Since he has an infinite scope, only so much of Him can be observed at any one time. And what you observe is what he chooses to reveal of himself as you seek him. You can't even think of it in terms of observer and subject. It works entirely different than scientific method or any other worldly approach. This is genuine truth, subjective truth, and divine fellowship, friendship and worship.

Scholars and theologians study the word, like a biologist might study a specimen under a microscope. The biologist looks at a dead moth under a microscope. His observations can tell him a lot about the surface appearance of the moth, but little about the internal workings.

The immature believer, scholar or not, looks at the word and sees the dead letter. He can learn a lot about the surface meaning but little of the true depths of wisdom and knowledge. A mature believer is fellowshipping with the Spirit. He can sense the Lords presence. It's just as if someone were standing next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder and whispering in his ear. The Spirit will call your attention to certain words and phrases; he will direct you to look up certain definitions, point you to important cross references, allow you to see new relationships and viewpoints, and put new ideas into your head. Most importantly, he will stir your curiosity for further study and increase your hunger for further insight. And that's how wisdom comes, line upon line, precept on precept, here a little and there a little.

Stumbling Blocks II Hindering Attitudes

The second group of stumbling blocks is a set of attitudes or practices that also can hold you back. I call them the hindering attitudes. They are as follows. Scorn of Others Skepticism and Unbelief Quenching the Spirit Despising Prophecy Being Offended By The Supernatural Idolatry In The Heart Unwillingness To Obey

Let's look at each of these in depth:

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