God is not like some all powerful oriental despot who can just do anything he wants

This remark immediately brought forth objections from some in the congregation. What heresy is this? Isn't God all powerful? Aren't all things possible with God?

Well there's that word 'all' again. With a little common sense and a search of the scriptures we can see that there are limits to what God can or will do. And most importantly we can find places where this is spelled out in scripture and illustrated in allegory and parable.

What are some of the limitations of God? Consider these:

He is limited by his nature and his word, as well as common sense and logic.

He cannot do something that is contradictory in nature.

He cannot deny himself.

He cannot swear by any higher, [so he swears by himself.]

He cannot contradict himself or go against his word.

He cannot lie. He cannot make a mistake. He never says 'oops'!

He cannot change what is written in his word. His scripture cannot be broken.

He cannot break his covenant.

He cannot fail to keep his promises.

He cannot let sin go unpunished.

He cannot show mercy where there is no intercessor.

He cannot show mercy where there is no repentance. [Intercessors can repent for others.]

He cannot ignore the cries of his people.

He cannot ignore the cries of the blood of the martyrs.

He cannot simply forgive the sins of all mankind and save everyone. No matter how much he may desire that 'none should perish' the requirements of Justice must be met.

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