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Good to hear from you. Those dreams about the Ezekiel Army I would like to confirm. My wife had this dream about a month ago I would like to share to confirm the Ezekiel Army in part.

In this dream a small company of people (seven of us including my wife and myself) went outside the city to a hill overlooking the city. It was a hilly grassy area and there were seven individual fires in front of us that we proceeded to step into. My wife said she stayed in a short time then came out and another woman who was with us ministered to her "burnt face". She said I stayed in a little longer.


The hill overlooking the city is the "higher place" that God is taking us. It is outside the camp of current Christianity (outside the city) and is for the purpose of fire baptism, ministry, and purification. I was able to stay in longer because I have been dealing with issues of the flesh for a longer period of time that she has (by her admittance). The fire will be less painful and more bearable if we will deal with issues NOW. She had no further revelation in this dream but your Ezekiel Army vision post added more depth to her dream.

Jim Rinker

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