False Manifestations or Abused

October 7, 2007

A lot of this chatter about false prophets and manifestations is really missing an important point.

If people have problems with the "prophetic movement" or various manifestations, does it mean that we are plagued with false Prophets and demonic signs? I don't think so. Am I saying these are True Prophets? Not exactly. We have people with genuine gifts, but perhaps the true Prophets and Apostles are yet to be revealed.

The source of all this, the jewels, the gifts, the anointings, the gold dust, and the Toronto - Pensacola business is from the Lord. It's just that there is 'mixture' in those who are receiving them. These are spiritual gifts, and these gifts get abused.

Merchandising your ministry is abusing a spiritual gift. Using the Holy Laughter refreshing to fleece the sheep is abusing a spiritual gift. Selling words of personal prophecy is abusing a spiritual gift. Prophesying after the flesh, putting your own opinions or pet peeves into a prophecy, is abusing a spiritual gift. If the Prophets are calling for repentance, but the Pastors are taking up an offering, what then?

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