Exodus to the Gospels

Before we get into the meat of Lou Berthelson's work, I want to present a quote from his first chapter about the prophetic nature of the Feasts of the Lord.

Our study of patterns will begin with the feasts of the Lord as set forth in Leviticus 23. The Jews saw these as appointments with the Lord Jehovah. They called the festivals Miqra', or rehearsals.

In First Thessalonians 5:1-5 Paul addresses mature Jews about the "appointed" time of Jesus' return. He referred to the festivals, Sabbaths and new moons that were the focus of the Jews' religious calendar.

The word "times" in First Thessalonians 5:1-5 is Mowed, which is translated, "a specific appointment in time, a particular time or appointed season." The seven feasts of the Lord were given as appointments or rehearsals. They were designed by the Lord to foretell the events that would surround the coming of His Son and ever point to the proper attitudes requited of believers.

Berthelson goes on to show in fascinating detail just how these feasts foretell later events. [As you study the feasts even more, you find that the dates of the feasts are also dates when important things happen in the history of Israel. For example the recent 7 year peace treaty known as the Oslo Accords took effect in Israel at the time of the fall feast of Trumpets. It was broken 7 years later at about the same time when the current Palestinian uprising began.]

In chapter one of his book, Lou Berthelson concentrates his focus on the Passover. There are several elements that are relevant here.

1. The instructions of the Lord for celebrating the feast of Passover.

2. The account of events in Exodus at the first Passover.

3. The Jewish traditions in effect in Jesus' time, and

4. The account of events in the gospels at Jesus' death and resurrection.

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