Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Bait: Scientific Evidence from fossils and geology.

The Hook; The idea that the earth is very old and that life forms came about by gradually change from simpler to more complex and advance species.

The Consequence: Denial of the Biblical account of God's creation. And hence a denial of God's authority over us and over this world.

The Truth: God Created the Heavens and the Earth. He created man and set the laws that he must live by. Near death experiences

The Bait: A person dies during surgery and finds themselves aware that their spirit is floating is space above their body on the operating table. Then they find themselves going down a long tunnel and coming out into a bright place where they are met by the spirits of their dead relatives and a host of angels. They are told that life after death is a wonderful peaceful reality and to not be afraid. Then the surgeons revive them and they eventually wake up in their own bodies again. Often they are able to relate things that went on while they were unconscious in surgery. Their experiences are real, but the spirits they encounter are fake and the things they are told are lies.

The Hook: The lie that there is nothing to fear after death.

The consequence: Disbelief in biblical accounts of heaven and hell. Disregard for the consequences of sin and no fear of the Lord.

The Truth: These experiences are deliberately engineered by demon powers intending to deceive. [These kinds of near death experiences never happen to born again Christians. They usually have an experience with the Lord or a vision of heaven in these cases.]

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