Events Of Exodus

In Exodus 12:1-14 the Lord gives Moses the instructions for sacrificing the Passover lamb. Then in verses 15-20 he lays out the feast of unleavened bread. Verses 21-28 show Moses repeating the Lords instructions to the people.

In Vs 29-30 the Lord strikes the Egyptians with the tenth plague, the death of the first born.

In Vs 31-42 Pharaoh releases the people and they journey by night to Succoth where they bake unleavened bread. The rest of the chapter vs. 43-51 contain further regulations on observing Passover.

Exodus 13:1-2 tell of the consecration of the firstborn. This is the act that First Fruits commemorates.

In Exodus 13:19-20, they leave Succoth and travel to Etham, taking the bones of Joseph with them.

In Exodus 14:2 they make camp at Pihahiroth. Then Pharaoh decides to come after them.

The rest of chapter 14 describes how Pharaoh caught up with Israel at Pihahiroth. Then the Angel of the Lord, the pillar of cloud stood between Israel and Egypt, while the Lord parted the sea during the night. Then in the morning, as Pharaoh entered the sea in pursuit, the Lord fought against them, taking off their chariot wheels. Then he caused the waters to come back on the Egyptians while Israel emerged from the sea on the far shore.

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