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On the 10th Jesus entered Jerusalem and went to the Temple to be examined by the priests. Berthelson explains that he probably followed right behind the procession of the Temple Lamb. Therefore there were crowds of people already on the scene. Once they knew he was coming they rejoiced and blessed him. In effect they were choosing his to be their spiritual Passover.

On the 14th Jesus kept the Passover.

How could Jesus eat the Passover with his disciples [Mt. 26] on the day before Passover? He kept the Passover on the 14th.

Jesus had to take the Passover meal, as did Moses, but He also had to be the Lamb. The only way He could accomplish both was to eat the Passover the first evening of the fourteenth. [Lou Berthleson page 14]

On the 14 at 9am Jesus was nailed to the cross.

At 3pm Jesus died. There is darkness over the land, and an earthquake. The saints come out of their graves and the veil of the temple is torn. [Matt. 27:50-53]

He was buried at about 6pm as the day changed to the 15th. What happens after Jesus' death?

He becomes the redeemed first born/first fruits.

He descends into hell and takes the keys to death, hell and the grave.

He leads captivity free. Satan is defeated.

Jesus rises after three days and three nights, around 6pm on the beginning of the18th. His grave is found empty at about 6am the following morning.

We noted that some of these events happen at precise times which correspond to the times of corresponding events in Exodus. Berthelson tells us exactly what day of the week these things happened. He further claims that the resurrection happened on exactly the same day of the month, and day of the week and time of the day as Moses leading Israel out onto the far shore of the sea. Only he has this happening at 6am on the 17th. I do not feel this is correct. If it were then Jesus would not have been dead for exactly 3 days and 3 nights. But neither do I have the resources or the brilliance to present an exactly correct time table.

The solution to this quandary is to fudge things. [I'm serious here.]

First of all the bible is often vague on many important matters. Secondly it really doesn't matter if the timing is exact or not. Prophetic typology is not an exact science. Types and shadows are often incomplete and fuzzy. You do not get an exact picture. Thirdly typology may at times scramble the order of events.

Most importantly, [while we're on the subject] there can often be more than one correct interpretation of scripture. Just as a word can have more that one definition, a shadow can be cast by more than one object. Sometimes prophetic scriptures have more than one fulfillment. Sometimes one correct interpretation can be 'more correct' than another because of the depth of insight or detail involved.

And since we're talking about Passover, here is a perfect example of a pattern in scripture where the order of events is scrambled. Yet they are all still part of the pattern.

Jesus' trip to Jerusalem at age 12 is an interesting pattern for his later trip there to be crucified. [Luke 2:41 and following.]

In the earlier trip he travels with his family, in the latter with his disciples. In the earlier he is found in the temple having discussions with the learned men. In the latter trip, he is four days in the temple being challenged and questioned by the learned men again. After Passover in the first trip, he is missing for 3 days. After the latter Passover, he is buried and rises again after 3 days!

The difference is that in the second event the questioning in the temple happens before the three days not during those days. Nevertheless, the trip at age 12 is prophetic typology [or a rehearsal] for the latter trip.

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